Customise your WordPress Theme

October 25th, 2007

Make your WordPress blog really stand out from the crowd. Use some uplifting colour schemes and install some WordPress templates that will add extra design qualities to your blog. Using the WordPress themes manager you can try out many new themes and designs for your WordPress blog until you get the best fit for you. Many available WP themes have exciting graphics in the header and offer different configurations for the menus and categories. With some of the latest themes and templates you can really make your blog rock with additional features and little tweaks. Like showing your latest comments in the menu bar as well as displaying snippets of text from the beginning of your latest posts in the menu. All these little variations on the WordPress theme help make your blog unique and add extra functionality that may make readers prefer your blog to others in your niche. So experiment with different themes and layouts for your blog until you find the perfect design for your WordPress blog.

Selecting a Web Host is like buying a Car!

October 24th, 2007

Deciding on a web host for your valuable website baby that you have grown and nurtured is similar to choosing the right car!

You want to make sure your precious website will be safe with this host.

Initially you need to consider what you want from this hosting investment.

What perks and non-standard extras you require?

But unlike choosing a car you don’t need to pick the paint colour of your web hosting solution.

OK, maybe its not exactly like choosing a car but it is an important purchase in the world of the webmaster and should not be taken lightly. Your website could end up offline for long periods, experience loss of email services and even worse if you choose the wrong host.
I’m not trying to scare you here and these are the worse case senarios, but a little research could save you some time and trouble down the line. Just make sure to check web hosting reviews and web hosting forums to see what sort of reputation your new web host has. This way you will avoid the problems that can arise from hosts with bad support and sub-standard services.
Finally when you find the best web hosting provider for your website baby, enjoy!

Controlling Cockroach Infestations

June 15th, 2007


The cockroach can cause serious distress for you and your family when it decides to make your home its living quarters. You must remain positive when treating cockroach infestations as they may require multiple treatments before the pest is totally destroyed. As any pest control company will tell you just one spraying will not wipe out the entire infestation of cockroaches. This is due to the cockroaches that are exterminated will leave behind egg cases that will hatch after the initial treatment and survive to live on and repopulate your building. As cockroach infestations can become massive it is recommended to hire an exterminator to treat your building. You will find many good pest control people on the internet by searching for pest control websites.

Barrington Village Homes

June 14th, 2007

When looking for country suburb surroundings not too far from Chicago we recommend Barrington real estate. Set in the village of Barrington within forty miles in a north westerly direction of Chicago this village feel community could be the ideal place to purchase a property.

House model made of money

With all styles and sizes of property available from condos to large houses with multiple bedrooms you should find what you require in Barrington. Within Barrington resides one of the most wealthy zip code areas in America. With surroundings of forestry and areas preserved for conservation a search for Barrington Homes should provide a list of real estate to suit most anyones taste.

Decorate your Home

June 8th, 2007

If you feel you need a little change in your life why not redecorate your home. Changing the colour shades of your interior home painting can make a massive difference to the way your rooms feel. If you do not feel like doing all the hard work yourself look for a local home painter in your area.

Paint Brush

You should be able to get a reasonable quote for the work you want completed in your home from your local decorating firm. If you cannot find a local decorator that can give a quote you can find house painting leads in other ways. Try looking on the internet for painters and decorators in your local area. A simple search on Google Search using your area and painter as the keywords could throw up the exact result you require.

Truetone Cell Phone Ringtones

June 7th, 2007

Real ringtones or truetones as they are also known are extremely realistic sounds and audio clips that are available to use as your mobile phone call tone. Certain manufacturers may have different types of ringtones such as nokia phone ringtones or sony ringtones but most later phones will accept truetones. Truetones are not a combination of notes generated to sound like a song or particular sound as are polyphonic ringtones. Realtones or truetones are actually a recorded sound or audio clip from real life. This enables you to record your own sound byte of whatever you wish to use as tour ringtone if your phone is capable of this function. Some of the highest quality truetones are in WAV file form, as these WAV files are not compressed though they can be large size audio files. Due to WAV files being uncompressed the sound quality is much better than some other file types used for truetones. Perhaps the most common compressed form of truetone is saved in a MPEG3 file format commonly referred to as MP3. These can also produce high quality cell phone ringtones but can be saved as much smaller size files, which makes MP3 a perfect choice for your mobile phone ringtones.

Making Realtor Social Contacts

June 5th, 2007

Increasing your circle of contacts within your chosen profession is always a good way to develop new business opportunities. Social networking in real estate can be accomplished through niche social networking websites that only allow real estate agents to join. This benefits all concerned by only having professionals within the real estate sector contributing to the social network website. This will increase the quality of the topics discussed within the website and make sure it is all related to real estate agent news. This could be the easiest way to make business contacts in your business area within even leaving your desk. Some members of the real estate social network will undoubtedly be near your local area as there are many thousands of members all over the country.

Review of the Samsung U100 mobile phone

June 5th, 2007

Looking for a new mobile phone? A mobile that has MP3 and let’s you browse the internet all in one? Then the Samsung U100 Ultra Edition 5.9 is the perfect mobile for you.

The Samsung U100 is the slimmest phone in the world which obviously makes this very appealing to the masses. It’s like putting your computer, MP3, camera, video recorder and mobile phone inside your pocket and it weighs next to nothing.

It also contains user friendly features so you don’t have to read all those phone manuals again, as well as a very attractive casing which offers a wide range of complimenting colours like blue with violet or gray with black. The U100 comes in a candy bar type design so you don’t have to worry about any difficult opening mechanism which some other mobile phones have.

Some of the mobiles specific features include its 1.93 inches display screen which contains 176 x 220 pixels screen resolution to give you a much clearer view of photos. This makes viewing pictures and videos from your mobile much more enjoyable. And taking pictures with this handset has never been better with its 2048 x 1536 pixel camera. As a result capturing all those precious moments will be easy and enjoyable anywhere with the Samsung U100 Ultra Edition 5.9.

The U100 mobile phone also contains a voice recorder that lets the user make voice reminders or lists for future reference. This also enables you to make a personalized and very unique ringtone for your mobile if you like to hear the sound of your own voice! It has a WAP 2.0 web browser which lets you access the internet and let’s you check or send your emails almost anywhere. The mobile also supports GPRS and EDGE to give the user a fast data transfer, downloading files and other data is very easy with this feature.

The Samsung U100 also contains Bluetooth v2.0 for a wireless connection whenever the user needs to transfer files, download data or print out pictures and also comes with USB to connect your mobile with your computer or a flash drive to transfer files. The Samsung U100 Ultra Edition 5.9 can store up to 1000 phonebook entries and 30 call records. The handset also has a 70MB embedded memory so you’ll have plenty of space for saving music, pictures, videos and even your favorite games.

It also comes with a built in media player to let the user play their favourite music or watch videos on their mobile. Users can also take phone calls without holding the handset with its built-in handsfree speaker call option. Mobile phones have never been this great and this small! What else would you ask for?

The Samsung U100 is the epitome of what mobile phones have become! Everything you need and more is all compacted into one tiny sleek mobile phone. The Samsung U100 Ultra Edition 5.9 is the perfect mobile phone for almost anyone especially while there are some great mobile phone deals available right now!

Xenon Metal Halide Car Headlights

May 24th, 2007

The majority of new automobiles are supplied with halogen type headlight bulbs and older automobiles used incandescent light bulbs. But some major motor manufacturers are beginning to fit high intensity discharge lamps otherwise known as HID bulbs.
The metal halide light bulbs used for automotive headlamps contain xenon gas and tungsten electrodes to create an arc. The latest xenon headlamp light bulbs are extra energy efficient and provide three times the amount of light of older headlamp bulb types. These types of high intensity discharge metal halide headlamp bulbs emit an intense cool blue light when fitted to your motor car.
Unfortunately to fit these xenon metal halide headlights to your car requires a total replacement of your headlamp light fixtures. It is not possible to just change the bulb as the metal halide headlights require special fittings and specific automotive electrical wiring to operate.

Own your very own Country

May 15th, 2007

Ever wanted to purchase a country?

Well now you can! Online at least anyway.

Yes, it is now possible to purchase any country you desire with Buy a Nation!

You can own your very own country online on this innovative website. You could own any country around the world map from Ireland to Australia for a modest sum.

With your purchased country your will get a web page for your country that you can populate with your own business or personal websites profile for advertising purposes.

So hurry up and purchase your country online today!